The fate of “Campus relationships”


Relationships on campus is one of the many things that made ‘campus life’ jorming, after all the stress we obtain from attending lectures, working on projects and assignments, group studies and others, the most common thing that most of us confined in for relaxation is going out with our love ones or probably just having fun and to some extent if you don’t have a “campus lover” you can be seen as awkward, but the fate of these campus relationships now lies in the hands of calls, face timing, whatsapping and Other social media handles because of the outbreak of the novel pandemic COVID-19.

Because we care about you, we went on a survey to see how well our campus relationships are doing and the response we’re receiving is a bit heart breaking and some are quite impressive, it is obvious that covid-19 has done many harm to us and our relationship is no exception.

The most popular respond we got is the “relationship make beans” literally, we can say the relationship is hanging because the ones involved probably are fed up with the face timing, calls and all that, they don’t get to spend real time with their love ones like how it would be on campus so basically here we are with the beautiful lovi dovi relationships we see on campus wearing off gradually but all the same we’re of high hopes that when we get back to campus everything will be fine

Some of the relationships have come to a premature end because it’s either the lady has a serious boyfriend at home or vice versa so basically it’s obvious that when the people involve in this kind of relationship return home the relationship is partially over because u can’t spend all your time talking with ur campus lover whilst your house lover is all around at this point you will have to set your priorities straight. That’s why there’s a saying that “campus relationships remain on campus and does not go anywhere”.
Fast forward, away from all these heart breaking feedbacks we can actually face the fact and say there are some relationships that are doing perfectly fine irrespective of the distance. Most of the people in this kind of relationship says all you need to do is understand and trust each other, others are also saying communication is key and that no matter the circumstance make sure you talk to ‘bae’ or ‘boo’ at least for 10 mins in a day.
All the feedbacks are cool and some are impressive no matter what not everybody will have a perfect campus love life so I think whichever way let all try and enjoy the moment while it last.

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