‘Please Fear Us’ says Lady as she tells the story of her brother raising a child who wasn’t his for four years.

The adage “fear women” was echoed by a lady who took to Twitter to warn all men to be wary of her gender because of the stunning things they say in relationships.
Pr titanium1, a Twitter user, described how her older brother reared and cared for a child who wasn’t his for four years.

The lady revealed that her brother and the alleged son have a striking similarity, leaving little cause for suspicion until a DNA test four years later revealed that the child belongs to someone else.

She quoted; “My elder brother once raised a child that wasn’t his for good FOUR YEARS & if you see this child,you’ll think my brother vomits him which led to chaos in d family. Thank God for DNA test. Yes, I’m a woman but Men pls FEAR US &be extra carefull out dia

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