NCCE Director calls on Ghanaians to respect each other

Ekumfi District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mrs Cecilia Dam has called on Ghanaians to respect the rights and freedoms of others to forge ahead as one people.

They should also honour their civic obligation to be able to hold public officials accountable.

Mrs Dam made the call at Ekumfi Otuam Pentecost Church and forums with driver unions, dressmakers, religious groups, market women and others in the district to commemorate this years constitutional week in the district.

The celebration on the theme We are One, Ghana first is to emphasize the identity of Ghanaians as one people with a common destiny and the interest of the country must supersede all other interests, the district director stated.

Mrs. Dam said it behoves on all to pride themselves in the 1992 constitution and to work consciously to defend and protect it for its continuity and operation.

She schooled the citizenry on the core values and principles in the preamble the constitution, including; liberty, equality of opportunity and prosperity, freedom, justice and accountability.

Others are respect for rule or law, respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, unity and stability, spirit of friendship and peace with all and sundry.

She said, fundamental human rights are for the citizenry to be proactive to demand good governance from public officials, particularly the government and that the effectiveness of good governance depended on active participation and involvement of the key agents in their area to ensure that the environment was conducive live in.

“We are not in normal times and we should not hesitate to strictly comply with the COVID-19 protocols, to stop the spreading of the virus, by wearing the nose mask, social and physical distancing, usage of hand sanitizer among other protocols.

People should avail themselves when the vaccine is available in their area for vaccination to help protect all from being victims of the pandemic.  

The Director, further urged the citizenry to stop polluting the environment, dumping solid and liquid waste indiscriminately in the communities, saying, that practice was criminal.

“We have one Ghana, and we must change our attitude, forge ahead as one people and to make the society safe to live in without hindrances.

Later in a sermon, Reverend Kingsley Kuma Mustafa, Pastor in charge of the church, entreated Ghanaians and all living in the country to depend on the omnipotent God to whom all things were possible, rather than indulging and depending on things which will not bring any development and salvation to them.


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