Messi Reveals One Person Whose Heavy Cries Made Him Stay At Barcelona


Even though Messi was in a hurry to leave Barca, the heavy Cries of his lovely eldest son restrained him. Messing explained that his son wept bitterly after he saw his father on the TV. It seemed a struggle but at last he agreed to remain at Camp Nou Till his contract ended

Argentina was pissed at the disgraceful defeat of Barca against Bayern. At first, Messi had disregarded the contract and decided to leave Barcelona. His father left Argentina to Spain to clear airs of Catalans chief. That’s when Messi revealed his son “Thiago” wept for him to stay at Barca

As cited below, he said: 

“Thiago yes, he is older. He heard something on TV and asked. I didn’t want him to know anything about being forced to leave, to have to live in a new school, or make new friends. He cried to me not to go. “

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