KNUST: Reuben Nketia, Vice Presidential Candidate, Launches a Free Faulty Electrical Appliance Repair Program for All First Continentals

Reuben Nketia, Vice Presidential Aspirant for Unity Hall, has embarked on a free appliance repair program for Unity Hall residents, which began on Saturday, May 29th, 2021.

This exercise was designed to ensure that members of the hall had their appliances repaired at their doorstep rather than having to take them somewhere for repairs. And it was done at a zero-percentage-point rate.

According to Reuben, he realized the need to undertake this exercise when some members of the hall were constantly asking and complaining about their faulty appliances, and as a leader who is proactive in problem-solving, he took it upon himself to resolve this issue.

Team Reuben repaired the appliances, which included faulty rice cookers, irons, hot plates, blenders, kettles, and other items.

The members of the hall were pleased and grateful for his efforts, and they hope he continues to do so. Reuben NKETIA is a second-year business administration student running for the Vice Presidential Portfolio in KNUST’s Unity Hall.

We wish him the best of luck as he begins his Vice Presidential campaign.

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