I have slept with 300 Ghanaian Men and All of them are in Trouble – Ghanaian Actress

Shishiwisca, a young Ghanaian actress born Yehu Deborah and known in showbiz as Shishiwisca, has claimed to have slept with 300 solid Ghanaian men, all of whom are in trouble.

Shishiwisca, a 27-year-old Ghanaian actress, said in an interview on BOGA Tv that she began seeing spirits in her teen, just at the age of 15, where she thought it was something normal until she grew up knowing it was actually a spirit, and that the spirits were telling her what might happen in the next minute, or perhaps the next morning.

According to Shishiwisca, when the spirits possess her, they control her to do all sorts of things, including sleeping with over 300 Ghanaian men, and all of those men slept with Snake “Anaconda.”

She also said all 300 men who have slept with her are in trouble of getting married.

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