How to make a girl fall for you on social media

Whether she’s already a friend of yours or not, here’s how to approach a girl on social media and make her fall in love with you.

Because our lives have become so inextricably linked with the use of technology and how we think and communicate, love on social media has also become extremely prevalent.

People are dropping testimonials about how they met the love of their life on social media, how they formed strong unbreakable connections with women online, almost everywhere you look, almost every time.

With over two billion users, Facebook has the potential to connect you with a plethora of wonderful women. Whether they’re on your friends list or not, here’s how to toast a girl and make her fall in love with you on Facebook:

1. Dont get ahead of yourself

Yes, you want to win her over. But can you be a little more subtle about it?

Women don’t want to be bombarded with questions and unnecessarily flattering comments, especially from people they don’t know.

Maintain a straightforward approach. Follow the procedure until it is safe to go all out. You don’t want to charge into someone’s DM when they’ve only just followed you back a few minutes ago.Begin by leaving simple comments on their pictures, posts, status updates, and so on. Pace yourself wisely in your attempt to get noticed. That way, you give yourself a better chance.

2. Compliments Work

Say you’re beautiful, or your shoes look great in this photo, or your hair looks good here. Most of the time, compliments like these are effective. But never, ever be cheesy with it.

Complimenting women is not a cheesy thing to do, and it will never go out of style. It’s your approach that could be cheesy and uninspiring.

3. No Dick Pictures

This is a definite no-no! This isn’t even necessary to say. If you’re sane and rational, you should know better than to send unsolicited pictures of your privates to a woman in the hopes of attracting her attention. Unfortunately, many men seem to forget this, so we must continue to remind them.

In general, the rule here is that you should not be a jerk [no pun intended]. Maintain a professional demeanor throughout the situation.

4. What You Post

If you want to get someone’s attention on Facebook or any other social media platform, the things you post on your own page are extremely important!

The things you post on your timeline, also known as your wall, will be used to judge and assess you. If you post trash, you will be treated accordingly.

5. Be Creative

This is the most important rule in the book. Why? Because there is no post that perfectly profiles the babe you want to get. You have the ability to do so through observation. When you’re interested in a girl, you should try to learn as much about her as possible [through the things she posts, of course], and then tailor your approach accordingly.

No rule is more important than this. It is the most important thing to understand.

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